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Plz DM Me is Now Free & Open Source


Whether you're looking for a tool to up your Twitter game or an example of how to build a SaaS, I'm excited to announce Plz DM Me is entirely free and open source.

Why the change?

I haven't had as much time to ship additional features to Plz DM Me as I originally wanted to. Rather than the project slowly fading away and the code rotting, I figured it might be better to open source it.

Because of the fixed costs with hosting (Vercel) and low database usage (Supabase), I can comfortably make this project free to use.

I also love the idea of sharing code with other builders trying to create their first SaaS app.

Where's the code

You can see all the code over on my GitHub. The repo is better-twitter-dms.

Thanks to sponsors

This being a Twitter tool, it only seems right to support other great Twitter tools. Check out the following sponsors to grow your Twitter:

Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience

@Dvassallo's Twitter course was what inspired me to take my online presence more seriously. It's a great course and it's a quick read (watch).

Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience course logo is a Twitter analytics tool built by @Dr. It's great for keeping track of your progress. logo

Chime is a great tool built by @jones_spencera. I use it any time I need to schedule out a tweet. logo

Check it out

Want to use DMs to grow your engagement on Twitter? Check out Plz DM Me.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who helped me on this project 🙏